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ICF Dormer home with SIPs roof, Guisborough

ICF Development facts:

  • Project description: a single storey and a half Rhodipr Ecobuild ICF dwelling, with SIPs (Structural Insulated Panels) roof over.
  • ICF delivery route: shell only, with the client managing all other areas of the build.
  • Located in Guisborough, North Yorkshire.

ICF Construction Facts:

  • Foundations: traditional strip.
  • Floors: beam and block flooring throughout.
  • Walls: 300mm wide.
  • Finish: outer wall covering with brick and stone heads.
  • Roof: SIPs panel to form vaulted ceilings.

ICF Case study:

Built in the garden of an existing property this one and a half storey, dormer home with SIP panel roof  nestles within the location.

To deliver the project the client procured the works in individual packages which included the ICF walling. Managing all components of the build the client neatly dovetailed all other works together to deliver a family home.

The ICF walls commenced at beam and block height lapping the floor insulation with the wall. ICF could have been used to come out of the ground but in stead traditional block work was used. If the ICF isn't insulating it can be more on occasion advantageous to use block work.  When reviewing drawings we will always advise as to the most advantageous way to use the Rhodipor Ecobuild system so that a client is achieving best value for money.

The external walls were constructed from the 300mm thick Rhodipor Ecobuild system  with a 50mm cavity and brick / outer finish. At the time the client had undertaken costings between slips and full bricks and it was significantly cheaper to use full bricks and stone. The benefit of this being a deeper window reveal  which allowed them to be a feature of the build.

The internal walls were formed in blockwork to receive a beam and block floor over.

To achieve the maximum floor area at first floor level the roof was constructed with structural insulated panels SIP panels. This created a roof space of elegant shape and height which is not truly noted until inside the property and allowed the floor area to be maximised.

We are continually asked for the interface detail between a SIP and ICF wall and this is not a difficult one. If this is something that you may be considering then please simply contact ourselves.

The property is heated by a gas boiler connected to under floor heating throughout. A mechanical ventilation heat recovery ventilation system MVHR supplies fresh air to all rooms.

We recommend MVHR in ICF buildings.