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ICF Timber Cabin, Isle of Tiree

ICF Development Facts:

  • Project Description: new Rhodipor Ecobuild ICF home finished externally as a timber cabin.
  • ICF delivery route: full construction services by an approved partner.
  • Project Location: Isle of Tiree, Island forming part of the Inner Hebrides of Scotland

ICF Construction Facts:

  • Foundations: strip foundations
  • Walls: 300mm thick
  • Wall: timber on battens.
  • Roof: cut roof, with vaulted ceilings.

ICF Case study:

A new build family home on the coast of the Isle of Tiree utilising the benefits of Rhodipor Ecobuild ICF. Tiree is a difficult place to build logistically as it is one of a cluster of islands forming part of the Inner Hebrides of Scotland. To deliver the project a local contractor and approved partner was used who provided full construction services. Working on an island local knowledge is invaluable, and we are always happy to recommend approved partners. To construct the Rhodipor Ecobuild walls, a traditional strip foundation was excavated into the earth. Below ground the 250mm wide thick walls were used up to ground level and at this point changed to 300mm wide to achieve the required U-values continuing up. It should be noted that only the outer Rhodipor Ecobuild panel is modified leaving the concrete core and the internal panel as is. To blend seamlessly into the location and achieve a sympathetic, quality finish render and vertical timber cladding have been used. A break from tradition, timber was affixed to the external walling to give the natural appearance but still maintaining contemporary details. To the roof green Brazilian slate compliments the walls and the green of the surrounding hills. To apply the vertical timber cladding, this was fixed to battens over counter battens directly to the concrete core. The double batten build-up allows the facade to ventilate and drain any moisture that may penetrate the cladding. This method is strictly good practice and does not damage the ICF when installing cladding. If you would like to know more about building and designing your project within the inner Hebrides we are happy to recommend local partners who understand and respect the locality.

For the opportunity to use the beautiful pictures special thanks have to be mentioned to Sebb Hathaway of http://www.sebbhathaway.com.