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Technical Approvals

Rhodipor Ecobuild ICF Technical Approvals

Rhodipor Ecobuild ICF  has been reviewed and tested to meet the specific criteria of a European Technical Approval (ETA):

European Technical Approval refernce is:ETA-07/0235

European Technical Approvals are the equivalent of a BBA certificate (British Board of Agrement certificate), though a ETA ensures certification of a product to a European wide standard. For all European Union member countries this means products can be bought and sold in diffrent countries without the need for individual country approval.

To meet the criteria of the ETA Rhodipor Ecobuild ICF has been tested at the following institutions.

– German Institute for Building Technology DIBt

– Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics IBP

– Materials Testing Institute University MPA Stuttgart

– Research Institute for Thermal e.V. FIW Munich

– Society for Materials Research and Test Institute for Construction MFPA Leipzig GmbH

Linton DMC commitment to quality in building with Rhodipor ECobuild ICF is extended through the quality of the designer. As such the technical team will advise on queries and help develop solutions as required. Approved construction details have been reviewed and certified by TUV to ensure best practice in design and detail and are available upon request.